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Any type of the company needs to control the product portfolio, it doesn’t matter if this is an automotive manufacturer, or dealer holding, or classified. The AAC system is aimed to help our customers with making the comprehensive analysis and improve the product line-up.

Understanding the competitive environment is the basis for proper analysis, which leads to success. Our AAC system has detailed list of equipment items and various effective tools, also offering wide flexibility in setting the whole system to customer needs, including Market Segmentation.

Current world is changing rapidly, thus the fast delivery of data updates has crucial importance. Our system is cloud based and capable to be instant. The AAC system itself is not only way to keep our clients informed, we also offer daily News digests with a clear picture on market events & trends.

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Car development process is complicated thing, takes a lot of time and needs to be accurate at every moment – starting from concept idea and till the market launch

We are providing customers with detailed equipment list, high quality data and a flexible tool:

  • make the proper A2A analysis, work with values, options, packages, incentives.
  • create virtual cars and track the changes during the model development stages.
  • consider in analysis what is happening in the industry after getting our newsletter. 

Dealer holdings are focused more on working with current brand’s line-up. It is always needed to:

  • understand what is happening on the market, which brands changed prices, launched or improved incentive programs.
  • order only the most profitable trims of cars, avoiding hard-selling ones.
  • improve agruments for sales persons, strengthening talk with dealership clients. 

We can help with all of that and more!

Financial institutions like banks are looking for reliable data concerning credit and lease programs, other benefits, as well as improving the internal database.

Knowledge of current programs on the market allows to improve product portfolio.

There are a lot of applications for the car data, aimed at motivating the customer to change or buy the car. More and more clients making homework while choosing the car, so improve their experience and get leads!

Leasing companies interact even more actively with clients directly vs Banks, so we are happy to provide with efficient tools to do so.

Interacting closely with dealer stocks and exact customers while looking for a car, it is necessary to qualitatively prepare the comparison report.

Moreover, leasing companies are getting the additional tool to control the price of the leased car, reducing the risk of fraud.

Classifieds type is a different animal to other our customers, mostly such projects are focused on B2C and C2C markets.

This means classifieds first need to enrich their own database, so we are happy to help providing the information via API.

International Markets

2020 sales - 851k units
2021 sales - 859k units
2022 sales - 813k units

2020 sales - 1 650k units
2021 sales - 1 880k units
2022 sales - 1 529k units

2020 sales - 2 917k units
2021 sales - 2 622k units
2022 sales - 2 651k units

2020 sales - 1 381k units
2021 sales - 1 458k units
2022 sales - 1 316k units

Czech Republic
2020 sales - 192k units
2021 sales - 206k units
2022 sales - 202k units

2020 sales - 428k units
2021 sales - 446k units
2022 sales - 419k units

2020 sales - 52k units
2021 sales - 48k units
2022 sales - 17k units

2020 sales - 1 598k units
2021 sales - 1 666k units
2022 sales - 687k units

2020 sales - 93k units
2021 sales - 117k units
2022 sales - 123k units

2020 sales - 280k units
2021 sales - 193k units
2022 sales - 286k units

2020 sales - 25 311k units
2021 sales - 26 275k units
2022 sales - 26 864k units

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